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Halloween Planters

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I don’t typically decorate the outside of my house much, except at Christmas time. This year I decided I would spook it out a little bit and add some Halloween decorations. I was inspired for this project from Pinterest. The Pinterest version was a Christmas one, but I couldn’t wait until Christmas, I needed to do one now!

I started with some inexpensive foam planters that my mother-in-law was going to throw away. They look like barrel planters, but I painted them black. I added some Halloween ribbon from the Dollar Tree and made some small bows for the front. And yes, I did tie my own bows! That is a popular question when people see these.

I purchased four foam pumpkins, four spiders (same type used on the Witches Hat project) and some colorful, whispy branches and bamboo in fall colors. All of these items came from the Dollar Tree.

I then spray painted all the pumpkins black and came up with different ways to decorate them. On one you will see a “L” that was designed from rhinestones that I pinned on straight pins. You might be asking why I did this instead of gluing the rhinestones to the pumpkin. This is because I am indecisive and wanted to be able to move the pins around in case I didn’t like it in the end. Here is my monogrammed pumpkin.

My second and third pumpkins are the same. Spray painted black, then I added some really cute trim stickers that I found at Hobby Lobby. The stickers were 12″ each so I cut them in half to get enough to complete my pumpkin. Note: the stickers are a little short on the top and bottom if you do this, but you don’t see the bottom and I added a rhinestone to the top of each to give it a more finished look.

My last pumpkin was created from large orange sequins and straight pins. I just randomly placed the sequins around the pumpkin. Also, you will see I added a fun “stem” to the striped ones and this one. I took the end of a roll of green mesh then hid my glue with some small feathers.

I then filled the pots with some old potting soil, arranged the branches in the back, added some black cloth over the soil, then arranged my pumpkins and spiders. Here is my finished projects.

Total cost: Less than $20.


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