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My new addiction…mesh wreaths

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While I was busy making a feather wreath and a garland wreath, my mother-in-law was making her first mesh wreaths. Neither knew the other was working on wreaths, so when they say that a man marries a woman just like his mother, this shows just how much alike my mother-in-law (MIL) and I are!

When my MIL and I were talking on the phone one day, she mentioned that she was working on mesh wreaths. I wasn’t sure what she was referring to when she said mesh wreaths so I went down to show off my wreaths and to see what she was making. The instant I saw them I remembered a wreath I had seen at a craft show the previous year that I fell in love with only to see that the price was $125. I actually almost thought about buying it, that is how much I liked it.

I knew instantly that I was going to become addicted to these wreaths. After buying some supplies, watching a few You Tube videos, and getting some tips from my MIL, I began my first one. They are much easier that I thought they would be. The hardest part is figuring out just what you want on it and what colors of mesh to use.

I spent less than less than $25 on each of these wreaths and was very happy with how they turned out. I am looking forward to making some Christmas ones next.

Wreath one:

Wreath two:


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