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And people say I have no directional skills!

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Last weekend my son and I went to the largest corn maze in central Missouri, maybe even in Missouri. Shryocks Callaway Farms is located near Hatton (Hatton has a wonderful fall craft show the first weekend in October), just off of I-70. I have heard about it for a couple of years, but didn’t think my son was quite old enough to walk through one, without too many complaints, until this year.

The great thing about this corn maze is that they have a special design each year within the maze. This year’s design was dedicated to the MU Tigers joining the SEC (there is an image on their website, My son was really excited to make his way through the maze, but a little hesitant because he worries about getting lost.

If you know me, you know I don’t have a lot of skills when it comes to directions. Because of this, both my husband and son thought I would get us lost. My son even asked my husband to come to help us find our way through. The hubby had cow ears to pierce so it was just the boy and I!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, this was my first corn maze, but we enjoyed the experience. Your ticket into the maze is a map, thank goodness. I will admit, once you get in the maze you are grateful for the highway sounds, even with the map, because it helps you figure out which side of the maze you are on. Without the map, I am pretty sure we would still have been wondering around in the maze until dusk.

There were a lot of people at the farm, but with the size of the maze, there were moments when I would have sworn we were the only ones there. It was fun to see the other families working their way through, seeing bright colored clothes running just a few feet away through a couple rows of corn, and hearing the children hollering “marco polo.”

We were in the maze for a little over an hour. At that point my son was getting tired and ready to rest. After leaving the maze we headed to the big red barn, where another surprise is in store, a giant gumball coaster. The coaster ride, for the gumball, starts with the typical gumball machine where the ball is next taken up a belt about 15 feet and goes on the last ride of its life! My son’s first gumball fell off the coaster and crashed into pieces on the ground, but they replace the gumball in these cases and you get to watch it start all over again. The kids and even adults really enjoyed this mesmerizing gumball coaster.

All in all, it was an enjoyable time, especially seeing so many families working together to find their way through the maze and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.


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