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Flowers on a boy layout? You bet!

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For the scrapbookers out there, you know how hard it can be to create a new page each and every time. I love the look of flowers on a page, but because I have a little boy, the use of flowers on a page was a rare occurrence.

Eventually I just decided to go ahead and use flowers on pages.

Because I need to get myself back in the scrapbook mode for a weekend retreat coming up, I decided I would focus this week on some of the layouts I have done with flowers on boy pages. Each day this week, I will share another layout for a boy with flowers.

Boy layouts with flowers, Day 1:

1) Take advantage of any girl (including the rare pics that Mom makes it into). In my opinion, if there is a girl in the picture you can use pinks, purples, flowers, pearls, diamonds, and the list goes on and on.

I will admit, the only flower in this layout is the one that looks like a science atom, but I was just excited to use the pink paper!

As you can see, I have used pink paper for the background (I never get to use pink paper!) and glitter.

Check back tomorrow for more ideas on using flowers in a boy’s layout.


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