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Flowers on a boy layout? You bet! Day 5

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We are almost finished with the week, and the tips for adding flowers to a boy layout.

Here is a run down of the tips so far:

1) Adding flowers any time there is a girl in the picture(s).

2) Messy flowers – if you use messy flowers, by messy I mean wrinkled, scuffed up, etc., they still look manly enough.

3) Use of gender neutral, or masculine, colors can make any flower appropriate for a boys page.

4) Create an elegant page so a flower will fit more appropriately into the design.

Tip 5:

Pics with mom, yes you are a girl, but this is different, are the perfect time to add flowers to a page.

Moms have a tendency to be behind the camera, so step out from behind or take some self-portraits (just try to avoid that arm reaching out look that is typical of most self-portraits!). As moms, we deserve to be seen, and have our images out there for years to come, and for generations to enjoy.

I was even able to use floral paper and some pearls on this page, which is very rare for me! This image was taken on Mother’s Day before we went to dinner. It took about three takes to get this image right, but it was worth it, I cherish this picture.


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