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Flowers on a boy layout? You bet! Day 6

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Here is my final tip for using flowers on a boy layout. And, I have included two sample layouts instead of just one. Before I get to the final tip, I would love to see and hear how others use flowers on boy layouts.

Here is a quick rundown of all the tips:

1) Adding flowers any time there is a girl in the picture(s).

2) Messy flowers – if you use messy flowers, by messy I mean wrinkled, scuffed up, etc., they still look manly enough.

3) Use of gender neutral, or masculine, colors can make any flower appropriate for a boys page.

4) Create an elegant page so a flower will fit more appropriately into the design.

5) Pics with mom, yes you are a girl, but this is different, are the perfect time to add flowers to a page.

Tip 6:

Family pictures are always the perfect setting for flowers, glitter, pearls, you name it!

In addition, I have the following layouts in my album right next to the above layout. Because of this, I felt it would be okay for me to use flowers on the layout with just my son in it. The colors of the pages complement each other, and because the pictures have a summer feel and are posed, I thought the flowers would work just fine.


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