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I was at yet another over-priced thrift/antique store when I saw this amazing bench sitting next to a pile of antique toys.

This is the bench that I am referring to:

This was my $5 bench before.

This was my $5 bench before.

What, not what you were expecting?

I know, but something about this bench drew me in, and the $5 price tag helped draw me in more.

Here is the crazy side to me, I walked away from it and left the store. As the day continued I just kept thinking about that crazy little bench. The shop was supposed to stay open until 5 p.m., but when I arrived at 4:45 it was already closed. I was saddened by this, but saw the store still had it.

The next day I worried all morning that somebody else was going to get my bench before me, but when I went back to the store on my lunch hour it was still there.

I got the bench home and my husband told me to go get my $5 back. The bench was not stable, the cushion was rotting and it was scratched in multiple places.

After a bit of spray paint, some wood glue to stabilize it, and a new cushion and cover, here is the end result.

My $5 bench after.

My $5 bench after.

I think it was $5 well invested!


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  1. Sarah, that bench looks amazing! What did you use to make the cushion?


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