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Crockpot Parmesan Ranch Mushrooms – Pinterest Review

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I am always trying recipes and projects that I find on Pinterest. Sometimes they turn out successfully, sometimes there are items/ingredients missing, sometimes I don’t think there is any way that the person could physically manage to make these items. One of my friends suggested that I start blogging about my experiences, so here is my first Pinterest pin review.

I just tried this recipe for Crockpot Parmesan Ranch Mushrooms for a work luncheon today. They were tasty but even better, they were super easy to make! I bought four containers of whole snow cap mushrooms, cut them in half, threw in two sticks of butter, one packet of powder ranch dressing, and about a half a cup of Parmesan cheese all into the Crockpot, threw on the lid and turned it on. I started with it on high for about an hour, then turned it to low for about 2 more hours.

I had about a cup of leftover mushrooms so I brought them home and used them as the base for a chicken pasta dish. I simply added some additional frozen veggies to the mushrooms in a pan, sauteed them with some already cooked chicken breast, then poured it over some bowtie pasta for a simple and tasty dinner.

This was a definite success and one that I will keep on my Pinterest board to make in the future!


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