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A Brat Helps the Flu

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It has been a rough week for me, starting out with the stomach flu on Tuesday, continuing into Wednesday, and still on Sunday I can’t eat much of anything. While this is good for my weight loss attempts (lost 4 pounds so far), it makes for a non-productive weekend since I have no energy because I have no appetite.

As a child you were always told to eat soup, dry toast and clear sodas when you have the flu. I have attempted this and still no luck, everything I eat makes me feel like somebody has punched me in the stomach 20 times. I decided to Google my issue of still not feeling well and not having an appetite days after the stomach flu has passed. Apparently this is quite common and I read that B.R.A.T. is what I should stick to. While my husband probably thinks I am a brat when I don’t feel well, I wasn’t sure what B.R.A.T. was so I had to further investigate.


This is what they recommend, very bland foods, to eat after you have had the stomach flu. This is all news to me but I thought I would try it out, and so far so good. It allows me to eat something, although I can’t eat much of any of these, but they don’t upset my stomach like other foods I have tried (including the traditional chicken noodle soup).

Since I know many others that are going through the same issue, or have children dealing with this, I thought I would share my research in hopes it might help others.

Wishing you all a flu-free home.


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