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Boy Decor

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Boy Decor

Since the moment we found out we were getting a boy from our adoption I began the hunt for the perfect decor for a boy’s room. It is hard to believe that even just seven years ago, there were very few options for a boy’s room outside of trucks, sports, and animals. I looked all over, and finally settled on one set that was very simple with some stripes and circles in shades of brown.

After the bedding set was decided on, it was time to figure out the rest. I wanted to ensure the room decor would be something he could grow up in, at least for a few years. With this in mind, I began the work of choosing colors and a pattern for the large wall in his room because I wanted it to be a bit fun.

With some help from my sister-in-law, I was thrilled with the results of the room.

The baby room completed. Stay tuned for the transition to the boy room.

The baby room completed. Stay tuned for the transition to the boy room.

Now, seven years later, I have been struggling again to find the perfect pieces for his room to advance beyond the playroom/bedroom look. I have searched online only to find that many of the rooms are based on a theme and if your child is a lover of many things, a theme like these will only make them happy for so long. Don’t get me wrong, some of these themes are absolutely wonderful like nautical, gaming, skateboarding, team sports, racing, etc., but I don’t want to limit the design. My Pinterest board, Calester, will show you some of these amazing rooms that I have found.

I did decide on one theme though, it is a little generic, metal. I like the look of metal for a boys room and it doesn’t limit the design. You can find fun metal items all over and work to incorporate them into this look.

It is taking me quite some time to find the right pieces, and to get his room how I like it, so I thought I would share some of my ideas with others through a series of posts as I continue on my quest for the perfect boy room. I figure I will finally be happy with it by the time he goes to college!

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